Friday, January 9, 2009

Today's little project

I went to Borders today to buy a gift voucher for someone and I thought I would have a quick look at the magazine section. BIG mistake! I ended up buying 'Stitch' for way too much and drooling over it all afternoon. Then I got a brain wave to make some slippers out of an old felted jumper (read jumper that accidentally got thrown in with the normal wash and came out as a mini jumper). I cut them out but couldn't be bothered pulling my machine back out so, I decided to turn my attention to one of the projects in Stitch. A little winter hat for Moo. I spent what felt like a million years trying to get the pattern right because the recommended blow up size (that's what I wanted to do to it - blow it up@!) wouldn't fit a newborn. Grrrrr. But I finally got it right and cut it out and put it together after Moo went to bed.

And, no, I am not the proud mother of a weird looking recycled bag holder creature. Moo was asleep and all of her doll's heads (all 2 of them) were too small to model for me.... so the plastic bag receptacle it was. (Bag made from IKEA scraps a few weeks ago.)

And it just looked strange with no eyes..... so pins and blue tack it was!

A few notes about the hat:
  • It was supposed to be made out of a felted recycled jumper/sweater but I wanted to try out the sizing in a cheap material first in case it was completely wrong so I used polar fleece.
  • The original pattern has bias binding around the edges which matches the fabric on the chin strap. I couldn't be bothered making tape and as I had used polar fleece did not need to worry about raw edges. I was going to blanket stitch in a color that complemented the chin strap but when looking for the navy wool I found this old ribbon that I had bought in Sweden and thought I would sew that on instead.
  • I know it is summer and maybe you are wondering why I would be sewing a winter hat. Haven't you heard the story about the ant and the grasshopper? Well, that's my excuse...... It had nothing to do with the fact that I love felt and I thought it was pretty....


CurlyPops said...

That looks great. Love the button up chin strap to stop the kiddies from taking it off and throwing it away! Looking forward to seeing the felt version.