Friday, January 30, 2009

6 random things about me

  • I really, REALLY wanted to be Princess (above) from 'Battle of the Planets,' when I was younger. Maybe I still do.....
  • I once hosted a 5 min Saturday morning TV show - in Korean!
  • I have a birthmark in the shape of Jesus on my left arm. OK, that's not true. But I did have one on my chin (not in the shape of Jesus) which I had removed because people used to think I had a drop of water hanging from my chin.
  • I hate drinking beer but love traditional apple cider
  • I like animals but I've never owned my own pet.
  • I estimate that I ate about 20kg/44lbs of chocolate on my last European trip. You could say our trip was called, 'Chocolate and other goodies from London to Vienna.' Pity we skipped Belgium...... Lucky we walked for hours every day so I didn't put on any weight!


cindy said...

Oh seriously who didn't want to be Princess. I can remember we would play with the neighbours, all girls, and we all had to be princess. The boots alone would of been worth it.