Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yep, it's been pretty quiet

I started sewing up a nice jacket for Moo but that is now on the back burner until my Mum gets back.... I need assistance!  It's a bit more complicated than anything I have previously attempted.
Tonight while watching a DVD I cut out a dress for Moo - red pinny with retro Sesame street sheet applique.  I just need to wizz off to Spotlight this week and get some Vliesofix and red cotton (ran out ) so I can finish it.
And in the news front.... Moo fell over this week and bit a hole in her tongue.  GROSS!! This morning we went to vist my hubby's brother and family.  While there my SIL went into labour and we now have another girl in the family!!  Woo hoo~~  They already have two boys (3 & 1 years) so I'm so glad for the sake of her sanity that she had a little girl.  Let's hope she's quiet and retiring and not a little tear-about like our Moo! ; ) *wink*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enjoying the quiet

Moo is asleep.  I've been planting flowers in the garden.  White, pink and purple.
The sun is shining.  The sky is blue.  There's a slight breeze.
Stupid crows are being loud and ruining my peace and quiet.
Stupid crows.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm keeping calm. I'm carrying on.

This week feels like I have been chasing my tail all day, every day. 
This morning's effort:
8am  Got up, bathed, dressed and fed Anni & I
Did two loads of laundry and hung them on the line
Packed Moo's bag for creche, including her lunch box, full change of clothes etc
9am  Packed all my FIL's deliveries and mail that have arrived here whilst he's been on holiday into the car.
Jumped in the car and took Moo to creche
9.30am  Went to FIL's house to sort out some stuff for his business
Got a phone call from hubby and had to go immediately to bank A, get a bank cheque and transfer funds into bank B (a 15 min drive away from bank A) so that our new car could be delivered this afternoon.
10.30am Rushed back for my doctor's appointment.  Didn't have time to come home and pick up records..... tried to remember what was on there for the doctor.......
Got accupuncture.
Went to Bunnings and picked up all the painting stuff for our bathroom.
12pm Picked up Anni and drove out to Hubby's grandad's house. Took him out for lunch.
1.30pm Drove home, unpacked the car.  Unpacked Moo's bag, washed her hands, changed her and put her to bed for her nap.
Crashed in a heap!!  And somehow, it's already 3 o'clock.....
Off to make a well earned cup of tea now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

You've gotta go there....

My brother's best mate's patisserie featured in The Age Newspaper's Epicure section this week.  Check it out (and other delights) here.

This is what they said......

"City in Delicious Bites
Join Allan Campion and Michele Curtis on a trip to Melbourne's finest foodie destinations. Here they choose the best........
 Le Croissant
 Probably Melbourne's best vanilla slice. Three layers of housemade puff pastry are layered with creme patisserie and topped with chocolate-feathered white fondant. Available by the slice or as a large cake."
1204 Toorak Road, Burwood. 9809 2263

You know you want to visit and get a yummy cake.  Go on.  Do it!

Andy made our wedding cake.  It was a beautiful chocolate mud cake with ganache icing - almost too good to share with the guests!  Maybe we should have gone with a vanilla slice cake????  Mmmmm, *drool*