Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Missy Moo's favorite baby pasta

Grumpy pants has gone to bed - woo hoo!
Now for some 'me' time. (I am need of it today!)

I love cooking and I love home grown and organic produce. Here's a favourite:

Baby pasta
Boil about 2 cups of vegies. For example; celery, pumpkin and zucchini/courgette. Drain and keep the cooking water aside.
Mince an onion, a teaspoon of garlic and finely grate a carrot. Fry them in 4 tablespoons of olive oil .
Add the boiled vegies, mash (or puree depending on the age of your baby) and fry for a few minutes.
Add a cup of organic passata, some herbs and a couple of tablespoons of organic brown rice flour. Stir to the boil. Add the vegie water and simmer until it reaches the consistency your baby likes (at least 5 mins).

Makes 3-4 serves and freezes well.
I serve this pasta sauce with Bellamy's baby macaroni and Missy Moo LOVES it! You could add cheese if you are so inclined but MM is lactose intolerant.
It may seem heavy on the olive oil but our Missy drinks rice milk so we give her extra fat in her food because she's such a skinny little thing.