Monday, June 30, 2008

Mouse poo sprinkles

I was cleaning the kitchen earlier today, making myself a restorative cup of tea when I noticed a few skinny little brown things lying on the counter. Ewwww!!~~~ We've had mice a few times since we moved in to this house and being the time of year for prolific mice breeding I thought, 'OH NO! I can't believe mice have been crawling on my bench!! And pooping!!' I ran for the appropriate cleaning materials when I remembered that I had made chocolate cup cakes last night and decorated them with chocolate sprinkles. Ha ha ha ha~ 'Mouse poo' has never been so sweet.


Mum said...

Funny you should have this experience, a few years back (quite a few in fact) Aunty Di had the same experience, only she emptied and cleaned her whole pantry before she discovered it was TEA!