Friday, December 10, 2010

Has it really been that long???? White chocolate and raspberry tiramisu (eggless)

I've been quiet for....oooo.... 7 months!

We welcomed little Amelia Daisy to our family on August 3rd and everything since is a bit of a blur!  I have done almost no sewing (not through lack of inspiration) but finally I'm starting (?) to feel that things are a little more under control.

Having a break from blogging has given me a chance to remember how much I used to enjoy it.  I have great intentions of writing again but we'll see......  in the mean time...... this morning I made a white chocolate and raspberry tiramisu for a family get together.  Here is my recipe:

Blend together 500g marscarpone and 1 cup of cream in a food processor.  Add 100g melted white chocolate and continue blending until smooth.

Press the contents of a 425g tin of raspberries in syrup into a separate bowl (to remove the pesky pips!)  Add 25mL of Absolut Raspberri.  Stir to combine.

Dip savoiardi/ladies finger biscuits (I used a 500g packet) into the raspberry syrup and place the first layer in a large ceramic lasagne dish.

Cover thinly with the cheese mixture.  Sprinkle with fresh (or frozen and thawed raspberries) and grated white chocolate. Add another layer of biscuit and another of cheese.

Refrigerate overnight (at least 12 hours so that the biscuits have time to absorb the moisture and become soft).

Before serving cover with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and grated white chocolate.  


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Shiny people

Nothing exciting happening here.  No news is good news.
I've been told by my midwife that I need to slow down and rest more - like that's gonna happen with a spirited three year old 'in da house.'  Home made play dough keeps her entertained for a while.  Hurra!

Decided to wash all my 000 sized clothes because Moo was in that size from a couple of weeks old and I can't imagine me soaking, washing and hanging two boxes full of clothes when we've just brought the new one home.  Of course I am hoping that this baby is not a giant but if she is I don't want to be unprepared.....  Nesting.  Nesting.  Nesting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick update. Photos I have had on my camera for too long....

The ol' faithful 70's jumper pattern with applique of oppy find sesame street bed sheet.

Attempt to cover stain on a T-shirt.....

O+S popover sundress

Placemats for Moo.   She loves aviation and transport!

Before and after shot of the 'front room' bookshelf.  'Wallpapered' with a glue stick and IKEA wrapping paper.

Stroller cover

I made this about a month ago (or more) but haven't posted.  I've finally worked out adding photos with the macbook and found the cord to actually download my photos!  I'm back in action!
For this project I used fabric from the stash (on a strict budget due to rising interest rates.  Boooooo.)  Light blue polar fleece for the back, red and blue poppy for the front and some red polka dot bias that I bought by the metre (cause it was cute and I don't really like making bias tape, even with my nifty bias tape maker.) 
Basically, I measured the stroller, marking where it needed to fold and also where the belts needed to come through.  Because I used bias tape there was no hem allowance to take into account.  The belt holes were done manually, just like giant button holes, as my machine can't do auto button holes that large.  There is a layer of wadding between the outside layers with four lines of 'quilting' straight down the middle to hold it all together.  
If I were to make another one of these I wouldn't use polar fleece cause it was a bit stretchy and hard to sew, even with the walking foot...... I sew, I learn!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shameless advertising

Mike's latest exhibtion opened last Wednesday night.  We went and listened to a great opening speech by Julian Burnside.    Was slightly distracted by a couple of three year olds, but hey, at least I got to go!

The exhibition runs until 23 May so go and check it out. It's brilliant, even if we are related.....  : )  GO MIKE!
More info here at Metro Gallery's website.

How did it suddenly become 29 weeks?

I'm hoping I only have 10 weeks to go.... not 13..... please God.
I've been a bit slack in posting lately.  I've been reading my fav blogs but still (due to business or laziness?) not worked out how to post properly from my macbook......
I've got soooo much to show you!  Oh well.  Just thought I would say that I'm still here and here are some of the things I have been up to:

  • Celebrating Moo's 3rd birthday (where did that time go????)
  • In this photo she's wearing one of my 'creations', a dress made from an IKEA tea towel (2 in fact) that cost me $2 in the 'as is' section.  Made using the same principles as the pillowcase dress.  The shoulder straps were cut from the tea towels' hanger.  Elastic from the oppy.  Love a bargain!!
  • Hubby's Grandad passed away a few weeks ago at the ripe ol' age of 92.  Have been spending time with my MIL and helping her to organise his estate.  We also relocated some furniture and heirlooms which I will share with you later 'cause they're lovely.
  • Travelling to and from kinder three days a week
  • OB appointments, acupuncture appointments etc
  • Water exercise twice a week which is helping my stupid ankle to heal
  • Cleaning out cupboards, wardrobes etc.  Yes, I am in nesting phase and want to throw out EVERYTHING!!
  • Getting the baby's things ready.  Her clothes, her room.... I'm trying to remember what I need for a newborn.  I'm sure I'll realise how much I'm missing once she arrives!
  • Sewing.  Not much but enough.
  • Sorting out all my craft things and relocating them from what was the spare room to the 'front room' where I will sew and do crafty things.  Hoping this will keep me occupied once I'm too fat to climb up and clean the cornices and the tops of cupboards..... ha ha ha
Also, thought I would share this:

My BF got me this T-shirt for my birthday back in March.  It always gets a smile when I go out.
(Not my body BTW!  I 'borrowed' the image from here where you can also buy one if you or someone crafty you know is expecting.)

Monday, March 22, 2010

22 weeks and counting

I'm starting to feel physically better now.  Hardly any morning sickness (notice I say 'hardly' because I still have the odd 'moment' which sucks!) and more energy.  I was all geared up for sewing and half way through a really cute Burda blouse for Moo when misfortune (aka stupidity) struck.  To cut a long story short, I twisted my ankle badly and had to be rescued from my front lawn by the paramedics  : (  Nothing like being 21 weeks pregnant and on crutches, chasing a 2 year old.  Great.  I am now sporting a beautiful rainbow coloured foot (toes to lower calf) and have 8-12 weeks of ligament recovery.... D'oh!
On the sewing front I have achieved the following:
- drafting a pattern for a stroller liner
- a Burda blouse for Moo with one sleeve and hem to go
- Burda red cord trousers with leg pockets for Moo
- a very large pile of lovely new fabric courtesy of my beautiful Mumma
- ideas galore running around my head about what to do with said fabric

I'm really getting nesty and having the urge to purge.  Unfortunately, crutches and cleaning don't go so I'm currently making lists instead.  Top priority is cleaning out the spare room which will be baby's room, the linen cupboard which has W. A. Y. too many old towels and, well, linen, that needs to be re purposed or disposed of.  I'm thinking of cutting up the towels and using the good edge parts for 'baby starting solids face cloths' and the rest for cleaning cloths.  Just a thought....

Oooo, we caved at the final minute and decided to find out the sex of our little one.  It's a SHE!  We are more than pleased to add another girl to the house and I'm very happy to know that I can now start washing little pink clothes instead of wondering whether to sell them on eBay or give them to little girl cousins.  Yay~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010


OK, still no pictures but I wanted to note my productive afternoon of mending and sewing....

  • finally finished the Oliver+S dress for Missy Moo 
  • appliqued and sewed buttons on a fairly new T-shirt of Moos to cover dark brown paint stains instead of throwing it away or only using it for play clothes
  • mended my PJs, Moo's flotation swimmers and a couple of other items with rips
  • redid the hems on 2 pairs of maternity pants using a blind hem (which nearly did my head in!)
Is it just me or do you find blind hems hard to fold?  I can never work out what needs to fold where and make a couple of boo boos before I finally work it out.  Doesn't matter how many times I do it.... I just don't get it!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Confession and seven year itch (glitch)

First the confession.  OK, the reason I haven't been posting is because I can't work out how to post on blogger with photos from my (not so) new laptop.  I've gone from MS to Apple and am totally loving it.  The only trouble is that I have to work how to do everything a little bit differently.  It's the same but somehow different.  Different enough to be ever so slightly annoying.  I guess I could always ask my live in IT expert.........

On the seven year itch.  Hubby and I have been living together for 7 years this year.  Now, our relationship is fine, it's the appliances that are starting to leave..........  First the vacuum cleaner.  Then the iron (in a spectacular pyrotechnic kind of way none the less).  Towels.  Bed linen.  It's all starting to fall apart!  I've come to the conclusion that the seven year itch is more to do with scratchy towels and holey bed sheets than relationship issues.

Enjoy your day!   : )

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Here's hoping you and yours have the best year ever!

Our little bubble bean has made it to 2010.  I never believed it would happen..... but here we are! I still can't bring myself to start sewing, buying or borrowing..... I'm waiting for the next scan and if BB is going strong then I'm going nuts!!!  : )          (Just don't tell hubby.  It's just between you and me.)
I wish you health and happiness.  Joy and laughter.  Love and peace. 
Cheers!  x x x x x