Monday, May 10, 2010

How did it suddenly become 29 weeks?

I'm hoping I only have 10 weeks to go.... not 13..... please God.
I've been a bit slack in posting lately.  I've been reading my fav blogs but still (due to business or laziness?) not worked out how to post properly from my macbook......
I've got soooo much to show you!  Oh well.  Just thought I would say that I'm still here and here are some of the things I have been up to:

  • Celebrating Moo's 3rd birthday (where did that time go????)
  • In this photo she's wearing one of my 'creations', a dress made from an IKEA tea towel (2 in fact) that cost me $2 in the 'as is' section.  Made using the same principles as the pillowcase dress.  The shoulder straps were cut from the tea towels' hanger.  Elastic from the oppy.  Love a bargain!!
  • Hubby's Grandad passed away a few weeks ago at the ripe ol' age of 92.  Have been spending time with my MIL and helping her to organise his estate.  We also relocated some furniture and heirlooms which I will share with you later 'cause they're lovely.
  • Travelling to and from kinder three days a week
  • OB appointments, acupuncture appointments etc
  • Water exercise twice a week which is helping my stupid ankle to heal
  • Cleaning out cupboards, wardrobes etc.  Yes, I am in nesting phase and want to throw out EVERYTHING!!
  • Getting the baby's things ready.  Her clothes, her room.... I'm trying to remember what I need for a newborn.  I'm sure I'll realise how much I'm missing once she arrives!
  • Sewing.  Not much but enough.
  • Sorting out all my craft things and relocating them from what was the spare room to the 'front room' where I will sew and do crafty things.  Hoping this will keep me occupied once I'm too fat to climb up and clean the cornices and the tops of cupboards..... ha ha ha
Also, thought I would share this:

My BF got me this T-shirt for my birthday back in March.  It always gets a smile when I go out.
(Not my body BTW!  I 'borrowed' the image from here where you can also buy one if you or someone crafty you know is expecting.)