Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On being organised

Yesterday I rang my MIL to see what she was up to and she suggested that I meet her for a coffee and then go to IKEA. I'm ALWAYS up for a trip to my favourite money pit so Moo and I got on the train and got off at Mont Albert. I have never bothered stopping there before as I live a few stations on but we found a really small but lovely cafe that had lots of yummy French things and nice coffee, mmmmm. Anyhoo, we trotted off to IKEA and while I was there I thought, 'I want to buy Moo an easel for Christmas and Mum and Dad said they want to buy her table and chairs, so I may as well buy them now.' So, I have already started the Christmas shopping! I have also tested out a few recipes for gift giving and the chocolate peanut slice/peanut butter bars I found the other day in my blog travels seems to be a winner for a baggie for all the Aunts and Uncles.
Back to IKEA and Christmas.......Yesterday while Moo slept I started painting the chairs and table I had just bought with a white stain so that it will be nice and unsmelly by the time Moo gets it. (We did use vegetable based paint but it still smells to me.) I said to MIL while putting the furniture together, "I'm glad it's not Christmas Eve right now!" And I meant it.
I'm usually quite organised for Christmas and finish my shopping before December rolls out. I hate the pressure of HAVING to find something RIGHT NOW because I have 20 other gifts to find but most of all I hate the crowded shops - particularly people who either walk really slowly and weave from side to side or just suddenly stop walking and look around so you nearly ram up their backside - my sister in law once kneed someone in the butt who suddenly stopped to tie up their showlace and they fell on their face - but that's another story. A pretty funny one though....


Liesl said...

We live near the same train line, so I'll have to go investigate the French cafe. I can promise my boys a short train ride (their part of the fun) then I can enjoy my cuppa (my part of the fun!).

Bird Bath said...

oh you had me giggling about the shopp-ramming. Something like that happened to me only I used the trolley instead of my knee. on somebody who's kid went to school with my kid :0
I never pass up the opportunity to go to Ikea. always find something there I didn't know I needed.
Good to hear you're getting all organised for chrissy.