Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is..... show off time

This week's "This is..." left me stumped I have to say. I don't think I'm much of a bragger as I think most of the things I do are pretty mundane. But my friends tell me the following is pretty interesting...
* I've lived overseas for over 5 years of my life. I've lived in 3 countries and visited 19. I've had 8 white Christmases.
* I speak Korean and intermediate Swedish (with bad grammar!) and can read a Swedish newspaper. (I get to read more than I get the opportunity to speak!) I can read Norwegian and Danish and have an OK grasp of German. I once memorised 900 Chinese characters in one semester and passed an exam meant for native Korean students.
* I studied at a Korean university for 2 years and have a Grad. Dip.
* I had a job as a TV presenter once.
* I have a beautiful daughter who turned 17 months old today. I blog her life here.
Now, she's something worth showing off!

Sorry about the boring post, I'm feeling a bit *blah* today. Hoping I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow........


Hoppo Bumpo said...

Wow - they are things really worth showing off. That list is amazing .... far from mundane! You are obviously very talented with languages.