Saturday, September 27, 2008

The best chocolate shop

Photo by shianux.

Trust me.
I know chocolate.
I once worked in a chocolate (and lolly) shop.
This chocolate is amazing! We visited Koko black in Camberwell today and picked up a few favorites. Mine is their Cinnamon praline but I'll eat anything if it comes from there.... They also have a cafe that has the best hot chocolate you'll ever have and a selection of yummy desserts and the like. If you're a chocolate lover, check it out - they have shops in Carlton (Lygon St), Camberwell (Burke Rd), Chadstone and the Block Arcade in Melbourne as well as Canberra.
As a side note, we also found ourselves in Borders - an evil conglomerate but when it comes to books I can't help myself...... I bought a book about animals for Moo. Would you believe it's actually quite hard to find books suitable for toddlers that have photos of animals instead of illustrations? Or they have only 5 pages with 5 different animals.... Moo is not satisfied with either of those options so I was glad to find DK's Lift-the-flap "Baby Animals." So, we're all happy campers today.


CurlyPops said...

Yummmmmm chocolateeeeeeeee!

three buttons said...

I love chocolate too!!

You should pop into Genki in the city and buy yourself a 'I Love Chocolate' tshirt! Although I tend to crave chocolate more when I wear that shirt.

Angela x