Monday, September 22, 2008


I finally got around to sewing my Amy Butler Barcelona skirt. I decided on a solid colour with no embellishment for my first run because as I am new to sewing I didn't want to waste materials on something that ended up the wrong size/shape or totally messed up. Well, the experiment went well and I will be making the skirt again with different fabric. But - although this was a practice run I really LOVE bright red so the skirt has already been worn several times.....
About the fabric I used: found in IKEA last week as a bundle of 'scraps' in the bargain corner. I got about 6 metres of fabric in 4 different designs for $5.


Liesl said...

I really like your skirt - its a beautiful style and colour. I have to say I am extremely impressed at the cost of the fabric!! Now I really must go into Ikea!