Friday, September 5, 2008

Spring is here.

My garden is at its loveliest in spring time. The previous owners planted lots of bulbs and flowering shrubs so I can't take the credit but it's nice all the same. This afternoon after putting Moo down for her nap I dusted, vacuumed and mopped the floor in our lounge and went outside to pick my favourite flowers. Hubby put the kettle on and made me some tea so now I am enjoying the lovely weather, sitting on the couch with the doors open, enjoying a cuppa and the sweet smell of freesias. Made even better by the fact that as Moo is asleep I can actually have things on the coffee table!
Things to be grateful for when spring rolls around:
  • flowers
  • sitting on the deck in the morning sun and reading the paper
  • hanging washing on the line and the smell of bed linen when I take it down and fold it
  • bird song
  • having all the doors and windows open
This beauty is not going to last so I am off to enjoy the moment while I can. Have a great weekend!