Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to entertain a toddler #4

Moo and I have been having hours of fun with used tissue boxes. I have to admit that I think of her now when I buy tissues and try to get boxes with pictures on them that she will like - like penguins or kittens/puppies. (I know........)
So, what is so great about an empty tissue box I hear you ask? Well, it has a little hole in the top and you can put stuff in it! And take it out. And put it back in. And take it to another room and take the stuff out again. ha ha ha ha
You can tie pieces of material or scarves together and stuff them in the box and pull them out again.
You can fill it with little bits and bobs and shake them around to music.
You can put materials of different textures in there and play a feeling game.
You can see what fits and doesn't fit through the hole in the top.
The opportunities are endless! tee hee
Missy moo is loving putting her little wooden blocks in there and shaking the box about and then dumping them back onto the floor - shake, shake, shake. She never tires of it. Luckily it's winter and Moo has a perpetually running nose as all this action destroys the tissue box after a few days.