Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reality bites

My Dad came up again this weekend to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle and family. Thankfully Aunty M is back at home with palliative care nurses visiting several times a day. She's got a good little set up in what used to be the lounge area and is receiving visitors. Although the end is near and she sleeps most of the day she still has lucid times and moments of extreme clarity which is comforting to her loved ones. Aunty M is at peace and has told us she is ready to go. Sad. But we feel extremely privileged to be able to share her final days as we have shared in the rest of her life.
Moo has been so well behaved and although we have been visiting for hours she hasn't squealed, cried or carried on. She has played quietly, snacked and spent time with various family who are all gathering around. Moo thought Aunty M might like to read a magazine so she brought it to her and then she found some uncooked potatoes in the kitchen and thought that Aunty M might need those too.... Moo is very sensitive and I am amazed at how she seems to understand what is going on even thought she has only just turned 16 months. She likes to hold Aunty's hand and wants to bring her snacks and drinks and the like. Quite the little nurse our little Moo.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for her and family - you know who you are. x x x x


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Hmm, little ones are so intuitive aren't they.

It's good she's home, it's so good that you can all be around for her.

Thinking of you.