Friday, August 15, 2008

Poor little munchkin (Poor Mummy!)

Missy Moo is teething. According to the ol' primary (baby) teeth chart there are teeth that Missy Moo should already have and teeth that should be coming soon. Well, she decided to get all of those teeth all at once and so she is NOT a happy camper. Neither is Mummy. Nothing can prepare you for what it's like dealing with a child who can't express themselves other than to whine and cry and be altogether grumpy...... She can't decide what she wants, she's tired but doesn't want to sleep, she's hungry but it hurts to eat, she wants to cuddle but doesn't want to sit still long enough. Last night we were up every 90 mins. Poor chicky. Poor Mummy chicken......

PS - according to many baby books teething does not result in any pain etc Bull borry! Ask any mother and they will tell you the real truth!


Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

I know!! What is with Robyn Barker saying that teeth don't give grief - I agree - Bollocks!!

Hope she is feeling better (I know this was a while ago!)

I've been trying the Weleda Teething Powder, that you can mix into their food. It has all these herbal extracts etc that are meant to be soothing. Could be worth a shot?

A said...

Thanks for the tip!
We have also used the Braun Homeopathic one which seems to help too.... Time works best though : )