Sunday, August 10, 2008


We got up this morning after attending an engagement party last night and decided to head off to the local Farmer's Market. We rugged up, Missy Moo on my back in her Podaegi and an umbrella to keep the rain off. We wandered around quickly because it was freezing and purchased a few things for breakfast; real wood smoked bacon, organic free range eggs, organic Vienna loaf and some fresh coffees. Husband cooked breakfast when we got home. Nanna baby sat last night so we had a nice family breakfast. But I diverge - it was FREEZING at the market. It was raining and the wind was blowing. My cheeks were numb and I was a little worried about Moo but she seemed very comfy cuddling into me and wasn't complaining at all. When we got home I checked the temp. and it was only 4.5 degrees - snow in the 'burbs today. I've lived in a few places, some of them with real snowy winters (I've had 8 white Christmases) and I still think Melbourne feels colder than all of them......