Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New bib for Moo

Stupid Blogger is flipping my photos....... grrrrr

Front - food catcher at the bottom!Back
Dolly modelling how the bib does up at the back...
Our Missy Moo is (like most toddlers!) a very messy eater. Her favorite food is pasta with vegie sauce or Malaysian noodles so she often ends up COVERED in her dinner. I bought a 'cover all' bib a few months ago and used it to make the pattern for this one. Not so difficult and fun as an exercise in my new found skills.... : )
I made this bib from an old nappy/diaper, an old shower curtain, a fabric remnant, thrifted elastic and new Velcro. The bias tape I made from an off cut Mum gave me.
The only thing I am not happy with is the way I sewed on the bias tape - I did the food catcher part in the wrong order so the tape twists a bit on the side when it's on. It doesn't detract from the usefulness of it - but I can see it and it annoys me! I learned something though....


Chrissy said...

What a great bib and an awesome use of materials that you already had! Very cool!

Peck said...

U sooo cleaver!! Good use of materials I give you an A++
Well done A!!

A said...

aww thanks! ; )