Saturday, February 6, 2010


OK, still no pictures but I wanted to note my productive afternoon of mending and sewing....

  • finally finished the Oliver+S dress for Missy Moo 
  • appliqued and sewed buttons on a fairly new T-shirt of Moos to cover dark brown paint stains instead of throwing it away or only using it for play clothes
  • mended my PJs, Moo's flotation swimmers and a couple of other items with rips
  • redid the hems on 2 pairs of maternity pants using a blind hem (which nearly did my head in!)
Is it just me or do you find blind hems hard to fold?  I can never work out what needs to fold where and make a couple of boo boos before I finally work it out.  Doesn't matter how many times I do it.... I just don't get it!!