Monday, March 22, 2010

22 weeks and counting

I'm starting to feel physically better now.  Hardly any morning sickness (notice I say 'hardly' because I still have the odd 'moment' which sucks!) and more energy.  I was all geared up for sewing and half way through a really cute Burda blouse for Moo when misfortune (aka stupidity) struck.  To cut a long story short, I twisted my ankle badly and had to be rescued from my front lawn by the paramedics  : (  Nothing like being 21 weeks pregnant and on crutches, chasing a 2 year old.  Great.  I am now sporting a beautiful rainbow coloured foot (toes to lower calf) and have 8-12 weeks of ligament recovery.... D'oh!
On the sewing front I have achieved the following:
- drafting a pattern for a stroller liner
- a Burda blouse for Moo with one sleeve and hem to go
- Burda red cord trousers with leg pockets for Moo
- a very large pile of lovely new fabric courtesy of my beautiful Mumma
- ideas galore running around my head about what to do with said fabric

I'm really getting nesty and having the urge to purge.  Unfortunately, crutches and cleaning don't go so I'm currently making lists instead.  Top priority is cleaning out the spare room which will be baby's room, the linen cupboard which has W. A. Y. too many old towels and, well, linen, that needs to be re purposed or disposed of.  I'm thinking of cutting up the towels and using the good edge parts for 'baby starting solids face cloths' and the rest for cleaning cloths.  Just a thought....

Oooo, we caved at the final minute and decided to find out the sex of our little one.  It's a SHE!  We are more than pleased to add another girl to the house and I'm very happy to know that I can now start washing little pink clothes instead of wondering whether to sell them on eBay or give them to little girl cousins.  Yay~~