Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's only 9 (48) degrees outside. That's pretty cold for us! And seeing as it has been a pretty warm summer we are freezing our butts off! Great start to the ski season.
This morning I went shopping for supplies for Moo's birthday party. Came home and made sausage rolls to put in the freezer. Space in our fridge and freezer is currently at a premium as we had our organic meat delivery yesterday too. Thank goodness for our giant fridge/freezer combo!
It's Moo's birthday on Tuesday and I just can't believe my little poppet is turning 2 already. Although I might complain about her 'spiritedness' every now and then I am so proud of her 'spunk.' She's not shy and loves to walk up to strangers in a cafe and tell them about her stuffed toy. She'll run off when I drop her at creche yelling, 'Bye bye Mummy!!~~~~' She's an enthusiastic (if somewhat sloppy) kisser and loves a good leg cuddle. She's full of energy and love for her friends and family. She not afraid to say what she thinks or ask for what she wants. I hope she can continue to do that through her life - but she might like to learn some tact along the way.....
I'm so thankful for our 'little' surprise. She really is one in a million billion squillion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

We're all set until 2020

We spent 2.5 hours this morning going on the Montessori Primary school tour, filling out reams of paperwork and relieving ourselves of some hard earned dough. I never ever in a million years thought that we would be enrolling Moo for school so early but once I found out what kind of competition there was for the limited number of places I HAD to do it now. But it's done and dusted now - until we face the horrors of choosing a secondary school! *sheesh*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

They don't put this on the Huggies commercial

This afternoon I was afraid to go into Moo's room after her nap..... I smelt a 'smell' in the hall and heard her saying, 'Poooooooo.' My mother's intuition was right and I won't go in to the sight that greeted me. Let's just say that the washing machine is on, the windows are open and baths were had...... *sigh*

Moo's sleeping

Woo hoo!

Gotta love a sleeping toddler.
I've done the ironing (inspiring stuff) while watching the Lifestyle channel - Jon and Kate Plus 8. I love that show. That woman is my hero..... I find it challenging to look after one little girl. I can't imagine raising twins AND sextuplets. The kids are super cute too!
We are getting rid of our cable TV when the contract runs out and it is about the only show I'll miss. That and Grand Designs. We got it when Moo was born because we were sick of watching infomercials when feeding/pumping during the night. (As a side note, I'm still haunted by the sight of anything Medela. I might write about my year long relationship with the breast pump one of these days.)
Nothing exciting going on here. We went to Mum's Group this morning and the weather was nice enough that we could sit outside. An incident that sums up the day is one toddler stabbing another in the head with a plastic pitchfork (no harm done). Sharing is hard......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mummy: Annie, did you do a poo?
Moo: Nooooo
Mummy: Then what's that smell?
Moo: Rabbit poos?

Pity we don't have any rabbits. Although, I did find a dead one in our front yard a few days ago. Ewww~

Missy Moo is turning two next week. Where did that time go?
After much deliberation I've decided on a farm yard cake because Thomas is a little too ambitious for me this year. I think it will be a chocolate cake with chocolate icing around the outside and a 'path' through the middle of the top of the cake. The top icing will be green and I have bought some new 'Schleich' farm animals for the top which she can play with later. It'll be fairy bread, sausages rolls and party pies in the way of food (home made). Punch (of the non-alcoholic kind!) and paper bunting because I haven't gotten around to making the fabric bunting that I wanted to and can't envision getting it done in the next week or so.
I can't wait to see her face.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You've got to laugh! Even when you smell like petrol......

I decided that I was in need of some retail therapy so I went with my MIL and Moo to Ikea.

On the way the following happened;
- I stopped at the service station to get some fuel
- pulled up to the pump, got out of the car and noticed it was out of service
- lined myself up with another pump on the other side (tricky as I am a learner driver)
- realised I had pulled up on the wrong side for the petrol cap! D'oh!
- re-maneuvered to another pump
- tried to fill the car but the pump wouldn't start
- the attendant wasn't paying attention and didn't turn on the pump.....
- I was waving and trying to get his attention when the pump suddenly turned on, the spout wasn't quite lined up so petrol came flying out of the car and covered me : (
- Went in to pay and the attendant was listening to his MP3 and so didn't see me
- I yelled but he didn't flinch so I ended up having to throw a pack of gum to get his attention
-(perhaps I should have had a go at highway robbery....?)
- I end up having to swipe my own credit card and all that because he can't be bothered
- He asks me to sign and I have ask him for a pen when he doesn't understand the blank look on my face and lack writing implement!

*sigh* I really felt then like I shouldn't have bothered getting out of bed! I stank like petrol and was a bit worried about naked flames!

But, I had such an awesome time walking around Ikea with MIL and Moo. Moo was VERY well behaved and enjoyed the showrooms. Apparnetly Ikea beds and furniture are great to jump on! I had meatballs with boiled potatoes followed by Daim cake for lunch - lingonberry cordial and all! MIL had a fish bake which reminded me way too much of school lunches in Sweden. : )

I bought a Billy bookcase with doors for inside our front door. It's now our 'runway' with space for bags and shoes on the inside, a mirror on top so I can check my face for chocolate smudges and my shoulders for boogas (Moo's not mine!) before leaving the house, an 'unkillable' house plant (we'll see about that), and a dish for keys and mobile phones.
I'm so pleased with myself. I've wanted to do this for ages and it feels so great to strike something off my 'to do' list. YAY~

Don't you just love the modern sculpture (aka dead house alarm)? You can also see that I haven't quite finished stripping the wallpaper. Eventually the walls will be white (?) and so will the door jams. I'd like to get a larger mirror and mount it on the wall but this one I already had will have to do for now.

On reading my favorite blogs this morning.....

... I noticed that so many of them apologised for not posting in a while. I particularly liked Hoppo Bumbo's reusable post. Tee hee.

I was chatting with hubby last night about my 'pit of despair' and he asked me if I had been blogging because I enjoy it so much. I told him I hadn't. I asked him, 'Who wants to hear; today I washed the dishes, washed the clothes, fought with a dead tired child who didn't want to nap, tidied the living room, made a sandwich?'

Yes, things have been mundane. But what he said was right. I need to start blogging again. It helps me to make time for myself. It inspires me to find the beauty and it lets me release some steam by whining out into the internets......

So, I am going to keep at it. I might not blog too much about craft but I can certainly share my adventures as a stay at home mum! And oh, the adventures that we have!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been pondering how much I should share in this kind of forum. I'm a little wary of things being 'out there' and I know hubby doesn't like me writing about our personal life. Fair enough.
But this means that I haven't posted in a long time. No crafting news. No creativity documented.
I have, however, had things on my mind. I've written about Moo the 'spirited child.' She's great fun but she's also A LOT of work. And since she hasn't been sleeping during the day like she used to there's been limited time for me to do things I can't when she's awake. During school holidays it's worse - no creche! Anyhoo....
The main thing that's been plaguing me is that we have been on the TTC roller coaster for over 6 months. Our first pregnancy was a 'surprise' so we hadn't experienced deliberately trying to have a baby. Our second pregnancy was also a 'surprise,' in that we got pregnant first try and then soon lost it. That was last October and we have been trying since. If any of you have been through this before you can understand. This really hasn't been too long when I see how long some people try (some in vain : ( and I know that we 'are lucky because we already have a child' but that doesn't change the fact that we want a brother or sister for Moo. I'm a bit of a focused person sometimes so this has been (in this case) a bad thing. Obsessive POAS from 12 DPO - and if you can understand what I just wrote it is possible that you too may be a little obsessive and we should start a club called 'POAS anonymos.' ha ha ha
Last week I was feeling a little upset and hubby suggested I go out with one of my friends. Yes, I said, my two best friends are pregnant, both my SIL are pregnant and all my Mum's group friends are pregnant or just had babies. ALL OF THEM!
I'm banning myself from using the computer for anything other than blogging and emailing so that I can't wallow in my misery with others who are on the same rollercoaster.
And whatever you do, don't leave a comment saying, 'Don't worry, it will happen', or 'Just relax.' or I will have to hunt you down.....

PS - If you happen to be a 'best friend' or SIL please understand I am totally happy for you and want to hear all about your beautiful belly! Don't tip toe around me and pretend like you don't have a giant tummy poking out in front of you - there's a complete difference between my longing for a child and my happiness at having another bundle of joy around.... : ) I love you guys!