Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moo's sleeping

Woo hoo!

Gotta love a sleeping toddler.
I've done the ironing (inspiring stuff) while watching the Lifestyle channel - Jon and Kate Plus 8. I love that show. That woman is my hero..... I find it challenging to look after one little girl. I can't imagine raising twins AND sextuplets. The kids are super cute too!
We are getting rid of our cable TV when the contract runs out and it is about the only show I'll miss. That and Grand Designs. We got it when Moo was born because we were sick of watching infomercials when feeding/pumping during the night. (As a side note, I'm still haunted by the sight of anything Medela. I might write about my year long relationship with the breast pump one of these days.)
Nothing exciting going on here. We went to Mum's Group this morning and the weather was nice enough that we could sit outside. An incident that sums up the day is one toddler stabbing another in the head with a plastic pitchfork (no harm done). Sharing is hard......