Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's only 9 (48) degrees outside. That's pretty cold for us! And seeing as it has been a pretty warm summer we are freezing our butts off! Great start to the ski season.
This morning I went shopping for supplies for Moo's birthday party. Came home and made sausage rolls to put in the freezer. Space in our fridge and freezer is currently at a premium as we had our organic meat delivery yesterday too. Thank goodness for our giant fridge/freezer combo!
It's Moo's birthday on Tuesday and I just can't believe my little poppet is turning 2 already. Although I might complain about her 'spiritedness' every now and then I am so proud of her 'spunk.' She's not shy and loves to walk up to strangers in a cafe and tell them about her stuffed toy. She'll run off when I drop her at creche yelling, 'Bye bye Mummy!!~~~~' She's an enthusiastic (if somewhat sloppy) kisser and loves a good leg cuddle. She's full of energy and love for her friends and family. She not afraid to say what she thinks or ask for what she wants. I hope she can continue to do that through her life - but she might like to learn some tact along the way.....
I'm so thankful for our 'little' surprise. She really is one in a million billion squillion.