Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mummy: Annie, did you do a poo?
Moo: Nooooo
Mummy: Then what's that smell?
Moo: Rabbit poos?

Pity we don't have any rabbits. Although, I did find a dead one in our front yard a few days ago. Ewww~

Missy Moo is turning two next week. Where did that time go?
After much deliberation I've decided on a farm yard cake because Thomas is a little too ambitious for me this year. I think it will be a chocolate cake with chocolate icing around the outside and a 'path' through the middle of the top of the cake. The top icing will be green and I have bought some new 'Schleich' farm animals for the top which she can play with later. It'll be fairy bread, sausages rolls and party pies in the way of food (home made). Punch (of the non-alcoholic kind!) and paper bunting because I haven't gotten around to making the fabric bunting that I wanted to and can't envision getting it done in the next week or so.
I can't wait to see her face.