Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is....... a work in progress.

This week's 'This is..' comes from Debbie at [kept in a jar].

I have a couple of projects on the go. I decided to make birthday presents and Christmas presents for the kiddies this year so.....

1) I am making felt food for 'O' who is turning 3 in October. I was the first person in the whole world to see 'O' and so he is very special to me. (And his Mum just happens to be my bestest friend the world!)
So far we have eggs and sausages and I will add a few more things but not sure exactly what yet.....

2) One of my nephews is totally obsessed with all things fish and fishing. He'll be turning 2 in October so I am making him a fishing set. Fabric and felt fish with magnets in their heads with a matching 'magnet on a stick' fishing rod to catch them with. I've made 2 fish - here is the first one I made (and for some reason blogger keeps turning the picture sideways.....)

3) Third is my biggest and greatest project. My little Angel (aka Missy Moo). A life's work in progress....... This is an old photo from when we decorated the Christmas tree last year. Moo is 15 months old now - time sure flies when you're having fun : )

Little sack of sugar I could eat you up!


Bird Bath said...

she is so cute! Well done on the handmade toys...I'm trying to give more handmade presents too, there are some rather hideous toys out in the stores these days. I bet the recipients will be thrilled.