Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One thing leads to another......

I've noticed the past few days that one thing definitely leads to another.

Yesterday I went into our bathroom that we will renovate in a few months. I thought I would take down the curtains and move the shampoo etc to our other bathroom. Ya know - clean the place up a bit ready for demolition. I take down the towel rail and soap tray next to the vanity. Then I thought, I'll just check out how the shower screen is fixed. Hmmmm, screws, "I could undo those myself," I thought. So, I change my slippers for work boots, go out to the garage for some eye wear and gloves - 'cause I'm no He-man. I undo the screws and start dismantling the shower. As I do this, the tiles that were stuck on the wall (not that well it turns out) all come crashing to the ground! (Good thing I decided on eye wear!) Now we only have a shower base...... and a lot less work to complete before the 'reno' man comes to install our new bathroom.

This morning I went shopping. Was in Coles having a wander about and I went over to check out the 'reduced' items as they often have weird health food items there that no one else wants selling for peanuts. I was lucky enough to find a 1kg bag of organic wholemeal spelt flour for $5 so I bought it (Use by Sept 09 BTW). I already had spag bog on the menu for tonight so I thought I could make some spelt pasta as Moo loves it (and so do we!). So, I made HEAPS of spaghetti with my little hand cranked pasta machine. Then I was looking at my handy work, thinking, I wonder how it tastes? So, I cooked up a pot of hot water and threw a tiny bit in. Yum! I wondered, 'Pasta is really a sliced pancake, isn't it? What if I put Maple syrup and butter on it.....? So, ends up Hubby and I had home made spelt pasta with maple syrup for 'afternoon tea.' Not a little, but a lot.....
Yes, one thing really does lead to another.

OK, this is not my kitchen but it may as well be..... Photo by emomilk.
I wanted to take a picture but *surprise* my batteries are flat.... must do something about that!


Bird Bath said...

well done on the bathroom demolition...sounds like a good way to let loose!
Do you often make your own pasta?My partner is always telling me we need a pasta machine - but it sounds very technical to me :/

A said...

Making pasta is easy and satisfying but it IS time consuming. I only do it if I'm in the mood and have enough time... The most exciting thing is the taste. There really is no comparison between shop bought 'fresh' pasta and homemade - as with most things! ; )