Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy talk or 'how we did Moo's nursery.'

I am getting excited about fixing up our front room. Before Moo was born we did her room and it's lovely but it's a bit babyish for her now (?) As we didn't know her sex we couldn't be girly so I chose a 'colourful but not in your face' theme. I think we spent about $300.
  • Hubby's Dad painted and did the electrical fittings (he's an electrical engineer - lucky us!)
  • Hubby's Dad and Hubby sanded and varnished the floor while I camped out elsewhere for a few days.
  • Friends 'round the corner gave us a second hand cot - white.
  • I used an old cupboard that I had already 'decorated' and hung IKEA organisers in there ready for teeny tiny baby clothes
  • Got the blind and curtains on sale at Spotlight, bought some jungle quilting fabric and appliqued animals on the $12 blue plain curtains as a 'wish this baby would hurry up' project
  • Used my old desk (a huge IKEA one) for the change table. L gave us baby changing equipment so we just put a changing pad on the table and used some storage boxes we already had
  • I made a mobile from little $1 stuffed animals, again from IKEA
  • Nanna gave Moo a fish rug
  • We accidentally got a free rug from IKEA. We bought a bunch of stuff and didn't realise until we got home that we had been charged for it and for some reason the charge was then removed... woo hoo~!
  • The chair in Moo's room is my favorite. I picked it up from hard rubbish when I was a student living in Hawthorn about 15 years ago. It's from the 50's and I LOVE it. So does Moo so I don't think I will be getting it back anytime soon. She won't even let me sit in it!
As you can see, it would be easy for us to update the room by taking out the cot, changing the curtains etc as we have floor boards and white walls as a base. The blind and light fitting are light blue which would go nicely in a pink/blue/white theme. But, I think we might do the front room up as Moo's room and tailor it to an older child and keep her old room for the new baby that we are starting to think about having at the end of next year.... Now that's a happy thought!


Bird Bath said...

Happy thoughts indeed ;)
I love daydreaming about 'fixing up' the girl's rooms. so much fun.