Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stroller cover

I made this about a month ago (or more) but haven't posted.  I've finally worked out adding photos with the macbook and found the cord to actually download my photos!  I'm back in action!
For this project I used fabric from the stash (on a strict budget due to rising interest rates.  Boooooo.)  Light blue polar fleece for the back, red and blue poppy for the front and some red polka dot bias that I bought by the metre (cause it was cute and I don't really like making bias tape, even with my nifty bias tape maker.) 
Basically, I measured the stroller, marking where it needed to fold and also where the belts needed to come through.  Because I used bias tape there was no hem allowance to take into account.  The belt holes were done manually, just like giant button holes, as my machine can't do auto button holes that large.  There is a layer of wadding between the outside layers with four lines of 'quilting' straight down the middle to hold it all together.  
If I were to make another one of these I wouldn't use polar fleece cause it was a bit stretchy and hard to sew, even with the walking foot...... I sew, I learn!