Saturday, June 14, 2008

I love.... pancakes

This morning I woke up with a longing for Laurent but it was out of the question so I made pancakes instead. (Not American style fluffy pancakes but the kind of pancakes that are like thick crepes. The kind we always had as kids and that you get in Sweden) Pancakes with Gooseberry jam, lemon and sugar and A's favourite - golden syrup. Annie ate a whole pancake with apple and blackcurrant sauce. All washed down with tea and hot chocolate. Hooray for Saturday!

In a couple of weeks we are going on a holiday to Phillip Island with A's two brothers. A's middle brother has a wife and son and another baby on the way. Y is 23 weeks now. The time has really flown. Anyway, back to the holiday. I am thinking about food that is convenient to bring with us and is worthy of being called holiday fare. Pancakes sounds good... and the kids will eat them which is always good.

We've had lots of rain the last 24 hours. Unfortunately I forgot to bring in the washing so I've had to bring it all back in this morning and re spin it as it was literally dripping. : ( Thank goodness for my super dooper 1500 rpm front loader. The clothes are hanging back up but this time on the clothes airer. As Mum used to say, 'It looks like Loo's laundry in here.'


clareb said...

Hey Amanda - this is ace!!! I love the tiles from the NGV. Most of all I love the title of the blog and the vibe of it - yay. :).

A said...

Yeah, I've been inspired by some of the blogs I have been reading lately - some of them sent by yours truly. I have been feeling an intense need to get back in touch with my creative side, so - voila!