Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boo hoo for me

Missy Moo had a bad night last night. She was very clingy and hysterical if I left her room (perhaps as a result of spending 3 hours in creche yesterday for the first time?) so I ended up sleeping on the floor in her room. Not enough sleep equals grumpy on both parts and as Daddy went back to work today there is lots of 'Daddy' 'Daddy' 'Daddy' going on. It's hard to be patient and up beat when you haven't had enough sleep. I have Mother's Group coming over for lunch tomorrow so I need to clean up the house - one has to at least keep a facade of being in control........

* When I read this later I realised that to someone who doesn't know me well it might sound that I feel pressured to keep up appearances.... well..... if you know me you'll know that my house is often upside down and that I answer the door at 3pm in my PJs (sorry Mum). I just need to at least make some room for six Mum's and their boisterous toddlers to play in my lounge!

* And in the same vein, my lovely neighbour couldn't control himself when he caught me running to the letter box last week wearing my flanellette PJs and sheepskin slippers. He's 86 and shouted out, 'Caught you! You know, my dear late wife, bless her, would NEVER have left the house without a proper outfit and full face on.' I had to laugh at his subtle comments about 'todays youth.'


clareb said...

Hope you told your neighbour to shove it. His wife probably ignored the kids screaming so she had the time and energy to dress and do the housework.

Iris was awake 11pm-5am last night. Full moon? What is with these girls. I had to get Robin to help (even though he was getting up at 6am) cause I stopped feeling like I could control myself :(
Here's hoping everyone sleeps better tonight.