Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This morning we set the alarm and got up on time! It was the last day of hubby's holidays so we took Missy Moo to creche and trotted off to our local consumer therapy centre. Ate breakfast - orange juice, coffee and ham and cheese croissant - wandered around in Borders checking out the parenting and craft books. Nothing there that was a) in my price range or b) worth buying. Worth buying, on the other hand, was my stash (below) from 'Lincraft' and 'Hair Warehouse.' I have been pondering the idea of making Missy some hair clips and with my challenge of coming up with something to sell at 'our family's' market stall I thought I would try making some and seeing how it went......

First attempt. Girly flower with button. Photo isn't great - bad light!
As I was doing the blanket stitch around the edge I was transported back to about 1982. My Grandma taught me to blanket stitch with wool on felt under the apple tree in their garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and we sat on a blanket and made little felt mice. I'd forgotten all about it until now...... I must tell my Nan next time I see her.

PS Musli bars - need to be attempted again before commenting. They were delicious but a little overcooked. Our oven does seem to run a bit hot and I was not paying attention and in the other end of the house talking on the phone. I smelt something 'caramely' and thought 'hmmmm.' Took them out 5 mins early but they were still overdone. Still yum though. Not burnt but on their way....