Friday, June 27, 2008

The seven circles of mothering hell

1 Babe is crying hysterically in the middle of the night
2 Babe will only stop crying when watching Playschool music DVD through the tiny slits that are her eyes - holding her head up by face planting the bars of the cot..... and refusing to let Mummy leave the room....
3 Babe cries hysterically when DVD finishes and wants to watch it over and over at 2 am (Hell during the day time little own in the middle of the night)
4 Babe signs she's hungry but doesn't want ANYTHING but wholemeal Salada biscuits
5 Babe cries hysterically because she's hungry but molars coming through make it painful to eat said biscuits and nothing else will do.
6 It's the next day, baby is dead tired but won't sleep. Cries hysterically.
7 Babe finally drops off to sleep only to wake 10 mins later to scream some more....

*But* when she's sleeping she's so beautiful I could just eat her up ..... That little sack of sugar really is my heaven.