Thursday, January 8, 2009


Moo LOVED the bean bags. I left them stacked up on the table and she saw them as soon as she got up from her nap. There was a lot of excitement but I'm not sure why she thought they were so wonderful.... They have gone everywhere she has this afternoon. Including the park. If you happened to see a toddler dragging a bag along the footpath that appeared to weigh as much as they did you probably saw us walking to the park. Moo refused (toddler style!) to let Mummy carry the heavy bag. At the park we threw them about, carried them all at once (tricky), bounced them on the "she-shaw" and threw them down the slide. Great fun.
This evening Moo even shoved them up her shirt and proclaimed, 'Boobies.' What's next I wonder? At least she didn't want to take them to bed with her. Maybe she's saving that tantrum for tomorrow?