Friday, January 16, 2009

Fell off the wagon

Today I was feeling like I couldn't be bothered with being organised or decluttering. So, I totally dedicated the day to hangin' out with Moo. We built wooden castles, read books, played in the sandpit, went to the park and spent an hour walking around our neighbourhood. On our walk we talked to the neighbours, meet the cutest puppy in the world, examined every stick, leaf and gumnut, poked a long piece of grass down the hole of a telphone pit and then dropped some stones down there for good measure. Moo spent quite a bit of time marvelling at how warm the footpath/sidewalk was. She lay down and put her cheek and hands to the ground and smiled an 'Ahhh, that's nice' smile. I didn't because it would look more than a little strange if I lay down all smiley on the footpath. Instead, I talked about how energy from the sun can warm the land, air, and water through heat absorption and how some colors are better at absorbing or reflecting light from the sun than others. Annie smiled and gave me that 'what are you talking about?' look. I've gotta get me some adult conversation....