Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eye spy - A taste of summer

The beach. Cousins, Uncles, Grandads and family. Floaties and rashies.

Sandy towels. Seaweed. Snacks on the beach when you're tired of swimming.
Floaties and blow up boats. Rainbow hats.

Watermelon, afternoon naps, ice cream, movies, camping and boating.
Sitting outside in the evening with a beverage of your choice, enjoying the breeze.
Fish and chips, crunchy salads and BBQs.
Thunderstorms, home grown tomatoes and having no schedule.
Oh, summer! How I love thee. (When you're not tooooo hot.....)

Thanks Anastasia for this weeks theme.


Bek said...

I love the rainbow hat!

CurlyPops said...

Fish and chips.. that always reminds me of summer

cindy said...

I hope you haven't been getting too hot the last few days. Love the photo collection.

Libby said...

Nice pics, looks like a great little swimming spot.
Just discovered your blog and i like it! I especially like the christmas frozen dinner, what a hoot!

Sharon said...

That's a heavenly way to spend a day!