Friday, January 9, 2009

Because I'm a Mum and this is what Mum's do

When we were on holidays Moo drew this picture. As always, I asked her what it was, expecting to hear the usual nonsense babble. But she pointed to the middle drawing and said, 'Daddy.' Then she pointed to the right blob and said, 'Mummy.' I asked her where she was so she drew the little blob on the left! Anyone else would think, 'So what?' But I'm her Mum and I thought she did a GREAT picture! BTW she's 20 months not 20 years old ; D

I showed husband who asked, 'Why is Daddy the giant fat one?' I told him kids don't lie. he he


Peck said...

he! if your read the Age the other day, a toddler was selling her paintings (scribble?) in her very own exhibition for thousands of dollars!!!

A said...

I've now read that I shouldn't ask her what the picture is because she might be upset that it isn't obvious!! I should be saying, 'Tell me about your picture....' Wow. who would have thought!?
: D