Friday, January 30, 2009

Things to do when it's REALLY hot

We've been stuck inside for the past week. The longest heat wave in a hundred years (see previous posts!). We're pretty much confined to two rooms of the house because everywhere else is waaaay too hot. Here are some of the ways we've cooled down (keep in mind I am accompanied by a toddler!)

  • Get out some interesting kitchen things - strainers, slotted spoons, empty plastic sauce bottle (safety first! No dangerous objects please~) Play in the bath. For an hour twice a day : D
  • Freeze giant ice blocks in interesting shapes. Use some food dye if you dare. Play with them. Freeze plastic toys inside - zoo animals are great!
  • Make home made ice lollies with fruit juice and cut up pieces of fruit. Eat them.
  • Hit your local mall. Walk around. Have an ice coffee. Loiter.
  • Get a baby sitter and go and see a movie (OK, we normally wouldn't do this but it is hubby's birthday.)
  • Dampen a muslin cloth or bed sheet. Wrap it around you and sit in front of a fan/breeze
  • Watch Happy Feet or another movie set in a cold place. Eat ice cream and pretend your a polar bear. ( I know, bears don't eat ice cream.....)
  • Bring out every trick in your arty crafty book to entertain the kidlets. We've done finger painting, collages, painting with straws, painting on an easel, colouring etc etc etc There are plenty of ideas floating around the internet thingy so get a googlin'


Sasparilla Sue said...

I'm a fan of #'s 4 & 6. I hate the heat too. I'm in California and this past August was one long heat wave. We didn't have a single day under 98 degrees. I'm such a winter person!