Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If only it were true.....

I've been reading a Swedish blog called 'tjuvlyssnat', which I guess translates to eavesdropping or overheard. People send in convos that they've heard and some are very amusing..... I liked this one:

Two girls about 20 are in the dairy section buying supplies for what appears to be a taco night.
Girl 1: Hey, look at this! She picks up a small carton of sour cream from the shelf and points to the label.
Girl 2: What?
Girl 1: Look, 30% fat! That's heaps!!
Girl 2: Oh bummer....but we have to have sour cream. What'll we do?
Both are silent for a moment and look devastated when one girl sees something on the shelf that makes her smile.
Girl 1: Look! This one is a large carton!
Girl 2: Yeah, so?
Girl 1: Don't you get it? If we buy a large carton instead of a small carton, the 30% fat is diluted in a larger surface area.
Girl 2: Oh, of course!! Damn right we are good!

If only it were fact!!! Then I could get the giant chocolate bar, the giant cake, the supersize lasagne......

Overheard in New York is the English version of the tjuvlyssnat site. Go and have a laugh!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That's hilarious! I must investigate the Overheard in NY!

(And how about Overheard in Coles Mitcham a couple of days ago ... "Could you pass me one of those things of stuff?")