Monday, March 2, 2009

My band meme

I was in the school band.
I played French Horn.
I didn't think it was a cool instrument.
I always wanted to play flute like the 'cool' kids.
Now I think the French Horn is way cooler than the flute.....

Anyhoo, here is the cover of my very first fictitious album!

Band name: Harold and Sylvia Greenberg Theatre
Album title: Never better than knowledge
Artwork via here.

Meme via Pottymouthmama - make a visit if you you'ld like to join in and release your first album (and to see the rules of the 'My Band' meme)!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

French Horn is waaay cool! And quite a bit harder to play than the flute. I hope to see you playing unplugged soon, with Harold and Sylvia Greenburg Theatre.

potty mouth mama said...

Such a cool band name AND cover!! And I agree, French Horn is waaaay cool!