Sunday, March 15, 2009

Magical March: Day 15

Family love is magical.

Yesterday we had a downpour. The large storm water drain across from Grandad's was blocked and his home was flooded. He was just sitting watching TV when the water starting lapping at his feet! In the garden you can see where the water got to - about my shoulder height and inside the front of the house it was just over ankle height.

All the grandkids got together today and helped to salvage what we could. I used my insurance savvy to deal with the insurance company. We all worked together, carting and packing, sorting and shaking. We sat down together for fish and chips and tried to consol Grandad. Unfortunately some precious things were lost but he's OK and that's what counts most.

Family love and togetherness is magical. It's the special magic that glues us together.