Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm just saying...

.... because I want to rant.....

Why is there such a long wait list for child care/kindergarten?

I finally, after much deliberation (mostly about the fees), decided on Montessori schooling for Moo. Well, that's all fine and dandy but now I have to find a place! She's two at the end of April (2 days before the cut off date for schools) and I have her on a wait list for 'early starters' with the hope that she may be able to start before she turns three..... What? 14 months on a wait list? Our local council run childcare has a 2 year wait list.... and I have been told that I need to enroll Moo for kinder AS SOON as she turns 2 to even have a chance of getting her into the kinder I want. Mind you, I have to pay an application fee (non refundable) and pay for her to attend from January because her birthday isn't until April. Or I can wait for the next year and she can be the oldest in her class instead of the youngest. She's very bright and waiting a year is not going to benefit anyone. (OK, all Mum's say this I guess, but she definitely doesn't need to wait a year.)

I didn't know when Moo was born what sort of child she would be. Whether I would go back to work or not (not). What our financial situation would be. How am I supposed to make those decisions before she's born so that we can get on a wait list and hopefully get a place in a few years time? Why can't we have a system like Sweden? Why don't I just move back there? 'Cause hubby would have to learn a new language and I'd miss fresh vegetables and Vegemite...... ha ha ha

It's all out now. Rant over. : )


Elana said...

I'm working on a post for BlogHer about this issue and would really like to chat with can reach me at - If you have time either today or Thursday March 5th I'd love a short chat.

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