Monday, March 30, 2009

Comings and goings

It seems a lot has been going on here lately.
* Hubby's Grandad's home was flooded. He still is unable to live in his home and it's sent his blood pressure sky high.
* Moo's Nan and Pa have visited twice from the country and stayed the weekend
* BIL and SIL are expecting surprise baby #3 made just 3 months after #2 was born. SURPRISE~ They will have to buy a new car (3 car seats won't fit in their current car) and sell a buy a new house all before the baby is due on November 1st. (Thinking of you Y!)
* Dad's sister has been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. (Praying for you, D)
* Moo has visited the preschool we wish her to attend. Can't believe that we are already having to book her in for Primary school....... *sheesh* She's not even 2.
* I've been trying to continue with decluttering, de-wallpapering and painting which seems like an exercise in futility. I guess it will end at some point and will be fantastic and I will wonder what I can do next. : ) Looking on the bright side.
* Hubby's had a big work project on the go and has been working every day including weekends. Thank goodness it's finished today and life can go back to 'normal' (whatever that is...)
* Although I quit my job I am going to have to work out some way of earning some income. Going in and out of the city was not going to be practicle but now we have school fees to think about......