Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Magical March: Day 4

Well, it may not be magical to you but it's magical to me..... I have a clean house! (almost....)

Today Moo is at Granny's house and I have been busy. Thanks to my mostly kept to New Year's resolution I have been able to spend my free time doing things on my 'to do' list rather than just catching up with the cleaning! Yay! Truly magical!
This morning I dusted, sanded, dusted, masked (around 8 panes of glass), bottom coated, second coated the double doors (French?) between our entrance and dining room (50's house). I steamed off some more wallpaper from the hall (grrrr) and then did the housework. And, I even have a couple of hours to sit around and bludge before Moo gets home. Or maybe I'll find something do - I'm feeling a little hyper after all my crazy running around.....

How about a little to do list for the rest of March?
  • get rid of the two cots that I have lying about (homes to go to, just need to organise. Long and boring story about why we have two - no twins here!)
  • remove the rest of the wallpaper in the hall
  • prep skirting boards and architraves in hall for painting
  • go through Moo's wardrobe and work out what she needs for winter
  • sew or buy the missing items from e-bay
  • do the same for my own wardrobe!
  • continue decluttering
It's raining outside. The wind is cold and it's only 15 degrees. All my dreams come true!

Hope you are having a Magical March!