Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh dear.

How to get a concussion - also known as MHI (mild head injury).

Bend down when you drop something on the floor.
Stand up quickly because you are in a hurry.
Smack your head with full force into the corner of the towel rail.
Think, 'Gee that smarts' and something else which you've forgotten.
Loose 15 mins because you don't remember what you did after that.
Some time later, brush your hair and wonder what is wrong with your hairbrush that it feels like it's scraping your head.
Continue your day thinking how you've got a terrible headache and must have slept funny and feel a bit sick.
At about 9pm that evening, while watching TV, feel something stuck in your hair.
Wonder what the hell your toddler has put in your hair.
Realise it hurts and seems to be a large cut...... suddenly remember you hit your head and freak out because you actually forgot it totally.


I don't recommend doing this. Not at all.

Please mind the towel rail everyone. x x x