Monday, March 16, 2009

Magical March: Day 16

Well, I think it's official. I'm magic-ed out.

I did resign from my job today so that's something off my mind. I've been on maternity leave since March 07 and have been struggling with the decision to go back ever since I left work. But, finally, I sent in an official resignation and it's a weight off my shoulders. Woo hoo~ My brother says that now I am an unemployed bum I should put a couple of chairs out on the deck and order a pizza. Oh, those were the days. Young and carefree, hanging out with my bro (and unemployed and poor....). I don't think a nearly 2 year old will be happy just hangin' on the deck, eating pizzas and drinking beer though..... and maybe child services might have something to say about it too. I think those days are long behind me!

I haven't been crafting lately. Moo has decided that afternoon sleeps are not for her (which doesn't stop me from trying....) and Granny is taking her every other Wednesday instead of weekly. My 'me' time has been reduced significantly. What time I do have has been spent keeping things in order. *bah* But keeping the house clean helps to keep my mind decluttered. I'm finding a messy house stressful at the moment so I tidy when I get the chance these days.(Ie, picking up all the toys that Moo has flung about. I sometimes wonder what I did before she came along.)

My creative genius has been simmering away though and I have plenty of ideas for things I want to do when I get the chance. Yay!
And, through reading blogs I can live vicariously through other people's crafting fun. It's better than nothing - that's for sure!