Thursday, August 7, 2008

New PJ bottoms for Missy Moo

I used one of my Op/Thrift shop patterns to make these PJ bottoms. Not sure of the date of this pattern but it is fully imperial so is pre 1966. My guess is early 60's. They were supposed to have pantaloon bottoms and an elastic waist but I did a draw string and straight legs. Mainly because I was too lazy to fit the elastic and I really wanted to use my new bias tape maker - what fun!

Ignore the crumpled look - Missy Moo wore them to bed last night..... She likes them so I count it a success!

The legs are a little bit long so I turned up the cuffs - Missy Moo grows so fast it seems a waste to make something that fits her. Makes sense to have a drawstring too!