Monday, August 18, 2008

How to keep a toddler occupied #3

Love this post on Bagels and Crawfish on making home made watercolours.

OK, you don't have to make your own but painting and drawing are absolutely loved by Missy Moo. I have a basket full of crayons on the ready as Moo loves to sit on the couch, pull up the coffee table and have a draw before dinner. It is an activity that I save for when I need to get something done and she won't let me be : ) Painting of course takes more effort and can be messy - but oh what fun! I'm looking forward to summer and painting outside on the deck - Missy will be getting an easel from Mummy and Daddy this Christmas - yay!


Unknown said...

drawing and painting.... yes, absolutely! these will keep them busy...

thanks for your article, give me a new idea what to do with a kid.