Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cures for morning sickness

Mum - don't get excited I'm not pregnant!
I just thought I would share. When I was pregnant with Missy Moo I had awful morning (all day!) sickness. It lasted 7 months and resulted in me losing a meal at least once a day. I didn't want to take medication and I wasn't losing weight so I researched and tried everything you could think of. Things that worked for a while would stop working so I had to get creative. Here is what worked for me.......

  • Acupressure travel sickness wrist bands (awesome! and very 'Flashdance.')
  • Ginger - sucking on glace ginger (ginger in syrup), ginger beer, ginger tea which you can buy in the Asian grocers
  • Starburst sour lollipops (although I can't eat them now - they remind me of feeling sick!)
  • Apple or orange juice watered down with soda water
  • salt and vinegar chips
  • bacon and cheese toasted sandwich (Greasy stuff is supposed to make morning sickness worse but it actually helped me)
  • Mineral water
  • sour green apples
  • vitamin B tablets - ask your pharmacist for the dosage, you can get them over the counter
  • I ate lots and lots of dry biscuits - had a box of them next to the bed
  • ditto with wafers - I ate bags of those sweet Austrian hazelnut wafers - - I just had the biggest craving!
  • fruit tingles
  • hamburgers (weird, huh!)
  • lasagna (I think it was the combination of carbs and fat)
  • NEVER having an empty stomach. I used to munch on breakfast cereal all day - without milk. Those little honey oat things, like cheerios.
  • use baby toothpaste in fruit flavour and use a REALLY soft kids toothbrush. Just looking at my toothbrush made me feel sick so on really bad days I just brushed my front teeth. (Obviously I'm not a dentist!)
  • drinking sparkling mineral water - I really craved it in the evenings
  • vegemite on white toast (wholemeal made me sick)
  • fresh air - going outside
And, always carry a plastic bag in your handbag for those 'stuck on a train' moments...... ewwww