Thursday, July 23, 2009

You may have heard me talk about chocolate....

... and may or may not have been interested. I'm more than a little excited to have just heard that a Lindt cafe has opened up in Melbourne. It opened less than a week ago and is located on Collins street between Swanston and Elizabeth streets. Mmmmmmm. Drool.

*hint hint* Mr Husband - a perfect place to take your lovely wife as a 'surprise.'

In other chocolate cafe news, I wanted to mention the fantastic service I received at Koko Black in Doncaster a few weeks back. Moo was being a real pain so hubby and I decided to get a couple of take away hot chocolates. Cue perfect toddler behaviour and stupid parents who believed it to be true. We sat down and started to relex. Moo went wild and started jumping on the chairs and throwing sugar packets (God how I hate how cafes leave salt, pepper and sugar packets on the table!) We went to leave and Moo knocked my hot chocolate onto the floor (that I hadn't even started to drink) causing it to explode like a chocolate volcano. Cue red hot face and mother rage.
The lovely waitress rushed over and checked that both Moo and I were alright. Then she talked nicely to Moo, cleaned up our horrid mess and came back with a replacement hot chocolate on the house. I left with a red face but a warm heart. It's not always you get good service - smile included gratis. Kudos to you Koko Black.
Can the Lindt cafe beat that?