Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pay no heed....

... this post is for me and in no way a hint!
I find when it comes to birthday/Christmas time and people ask me what I want I can NEVER think of anything. I end up asking for a book voucher or the like. Right this very minute I have thought of a couple of things I'd like so I'm documenting it here for (my) future reference:

Coming Home to Eat
- by Jude Blereau (I have 'Wholefood' and it is one of my favorite cook books)

Anything from Jurlique

Subscription to Ottobre kids (either in Swedish or English)

IKEA voucher (not particularly exciting but I can buy myself a nice cushion or something.....)

Hand knitted socks (not with itchy scratchy wool! I'm not fussy... much!)

The Creative Family and Handmade Home both by Amanda Blake Soule

And that's it for now but I will update as I think of things. At least I'll know where to find my list - not like any of those cheeky paper lists that gets lost...... (oops)


Mel said...

Hey Amanda thanks for visiting my blog. And yes I think your right about that ladies bosom - very pointy indeed!

Can I just copy and paste your list here onto my own list?! I'd be quite happy with all those things too esp. Amanda Blake Soule's new book (i have creative family and it's fabbo).

Do you have long to wait till your birthday?

A said...

Yeah, it's a good six months (or more?) away but I thought while I had the ideas in my head I would write them down because I ALWAYS forget and go blank when someone asks me. Good for Christmas too I guess.
And, sure you can paste them onto your list! ; )