Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eye spy...... a morning ritual.

This week's theme comes from 3 Red Buttons.

Well, there are no photos of our morning ritual..... rushing often abounds and really, you don't want to see my in my PJs with my bedhair and crusty features.......

Usually, we do the normal getting dressed, eating breakfast thing. But Thursdays do have their own special ritual. It's pancake day! Every Thursday I get up and make pancakes and we sit down as a family to eat breakfast. Instead of me running around, Moo runs around in circles screaming, 'PANCAKES~~~ PANCAKES~~~' Hubby works from home that day so it's a nice relaxed brekky. After breakfast it's time for running around - getting Moo ready for creche. I leave 30 mins before start time because Moo needs plenty of time to walk the 50m. We have to say hello to every dog, cat and neighbour, pick some flowers, collect some autumn leaves and perform other random toddler actions. Thursday is my favorite day - pancakes and sacred 'Mummy alone' time.......

photo by roosterruler

If you'd like to join in head on over and visit Cindy at bugandpop.

Well, I'd better run. Tonight the out-laws are coming over for dinner and I need to;
  • fold some of the washing that is making an obstacle course of our dining room
  • excavate the sofa
  • scrape unidentified sticky goo off the floor
  • cook something


Anonymous said...

The sticky stuff on the floor might be mine, sorry.
Uncle Paul

A said...

Yeah, I always find weird things here when you guys have come to visit..... : )